Enhancing treatments to reveal a young woman's natural beauty
Enhancing treatments to reveal
a young woman's natural beauty
96% of patients rated their experience  'Good' and 'Very Good'.*
96% of patients rated their experience
'Good' and 'Very Good'.*
92% of patients rated their procedure  experience, 'Good' and 'Very Good'.*
92% of patients rated their procedure
experience, 'Good' and 'Very Good'.*
Natural beauty for the discerning woman
Natural beauty for
the discerning woman
Today's man takes care of himself
Today's man takes care of himself
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Voted Top 10 UK Injectors
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How Epionce changed my skin
20 April 2017
Alice tells her story


We are delighted that our doctors, Dr Hilary Allan and Dr Mervyn Patterson, are regularly featured for their expert advice in the national press and glossy magazines. We also have regular blog posts here from the doctors discussing anything that may be affecting you, information on treatments and conditions plus any topics that have been discussed in the media. 

How Epionce changed my skin

20 April 2017

It’s always really rewarding when a client takes time out to write or email to us about a treatment that they have had at the clinic that they have been particularly pleased with. We thought that we should share Alice’s email with you and the life enhancing experience she has had.

Here is Alice’s story:

“After suffering with acne from the age of 15 years old I thought that by the age of 28 after years of antibiotics, the pill and Roaccutane, I would have grown out of it. Unfortunately I was wrong.

I decided to come off the contraceptive pill and soon after doing so the acne had come back. Within four months my skin was highly congested with tiny spots under the skin spanning my cheeks and chin. I also suffered from deep painful blemishes which left my skin red, sensitive and sore. These appeared everywhere – my jawline, neck and cheeks. Not only was it impacting on me physically but it left me feeling extremely low and unconfident. I would not ever leave the house without applying several layers of makeup.

With a wedding less than a year away I started to panic and sought advice from as many friends as I could. One of my friends recommended trying Woodford Medical and how glad I am that I took their advice. After a really thorough consultation with Aesthetic Therapist Carla I swapped my skincare regime to one specifically tailored to my skin condition by their leading dermatologist founded skincare range by Epionce.

I also began to have Epionce peels every four weeks and had a total of six peels and some were combined with microdermabrasion. By the fifth peels the results were speaking for themselves and now writing this after the sixth peel, I am glowing inside and out and wondering why I didn’t visit Woodford Medical sooner.

Thank you to my expert therapist Carla for restoring my confidence and happiness back”


Botox for Men

23 March 2017

Martyn Robinson is a 33 year old married man with three children and works as a personal trainer at Virgin Active Chelmsford.

Martyn has suffered migraines for many years and finds working in the gym a particular trigger as the strong lighting affects his eyes and makes them feel very sensitive. Martyn normally suffers with one migraine at least every 2 weeks.

Although not usually too concerned with his appearance, when he is working at the gym surrounded by mirrors, Martyn would often find himself looking at his reflection becoming more conscious of his looks, noticing lines and wrinkles that he didn’t have before.

 “When weight lifting I have found that you put a lot of strain onto your face and neck by tensing and straining,  that’s when I can see how deep my forehead lines are and then once I have stopped lifting they don’t disappear.

Training in the gym and lifting heavy weights causes your face to create more dynamic lines than usual as the tension of lifting shows simultaneously during the workout. These dynamic lines will eventually settle into lines and wrinkles.

Martyn had heard about Botox through his best friend who has it done regularly and would always say to Martyn that he should have it done, as it also has the added benefit that it can help with his migraines.

“I kept thinking that I should definitely look into having Botox, but I am absolutely petrified of needles which really put me off. My friend talked me into at least going for a consultation at Woodford Medical and to see how I felt once I had spoken to Dr Patterson.”

After booking a consultation at Woodford Medical Martyn decided to go ahead with the treatment and had it done that day.

“After having my consultation with Dr Patterson I felt no concerns at all about having the treatment done. I explained how I suffer with migraines and I dislike the lines on my forehead and around my eyes."

Dr Patterson explained how Botox works for migraines and how he can also soften my forehead lines and crows feet, with the reassurance that the needles are very small and virtually pain free. He also went onto explain that Botox for a male client is very different than for a female client and for men it’s all about giving a “totally natural” improvement in a very discreet way. The frozen look is definitely not required for our female clients so is a complete no-no for our male clientele.

 After the treatment Martyn was pleased to note

“The treatment itself was indeed virtually pain free and over in a few minutes, I was so surprised at how quick it was.”

Martyn went on to explain,

“I went back to work after my treatment and no one had even notice I had anything done, it was great.”

The full effect of Botox takes between 4 – 14 days to develop and gives a smooth, wrinkle free appearance for approximately 3-4 months. We advise 3-4 treatments in the first year after that the affects may then start to last longer and the time between repeat treatments may increase.

We offer all Botox clients a two week review to ensure they are completely happy with their treatment. Martin returned to Woodford Medical after two weeks and was thrilled with the results and also as to how much it has helped his migraines.

“I am so pleased with the results, the wrinkles in my forehead have gone and I feel I look much younger and fresh faced. Also since having Botox I haven’t had a migraine and I don’t find my eyes so sensitive to the lights in the gym. I was telling my brother-in-law all about it and he has booked in to come and see Dr Patterson. I will be back again in three months for my next treatment!”


To book your consultation with Dr Allan or Dr Patterson call us today on 0845 6021161 or email

Mother's Day Competition

15 March 2017

To enter all you need to do is simply head over to our Facebook page, like us and comment with your answer.

Competition closes on Friday 24th March - Good Luck!

How to get rid of acne?

16 February 2017

Dermatologist reveals which treatments you should be trying

By Lauren O'Callaghan

Acne sufferers looking for a cure to their problem skin can be confused by the myriad of options, from creams to pills to treatments that remove spots and ease scarring.

But what actually works? Express.co.uk spoke to Dr Mervyn Patterson, cosmetic dermatologist at Woodford Medical, to find out the definitive guide for treating acne.

Explaining what acne is, Dr Mervyn said:

 “Acne results from a build-up of sebum and dead skin cells in the entrance to the skin pore. The skin starts to mount an inflammatory reaction to the area which leads to a pimple forming which can then develop into a full blown spot. Those with oily skin types are much more prone to acne as they tend to have more sebum and therefore pore blockage. Switching makeup to a mineral makeup line is sensible as the lighter coverage from the minerals avoids clogging pores and therefore doesn't aggravate the condition.”

However, if the issue cannot be cured at home, Dr Mervyn does not recommend going to the GP as a first port of call.

He said: “Sometimes people turn to their GPs for help but often courses of antibiotics are prescribed and lots of evidence now shows that they are losing their effect in acne. Doctors can prescribe topical creams containing various combinations of antibiotics and antibacterial. Retinoids have their use but can be irritating and difficult to tolerate. Ultimately one can get a referral to a dermatologist for Roacutane (Isotretinoin) which although very successful in treating acne, the list of potential side effects can be off-putting.”

One beauty blogger claimed baking soda cured her acne, but those who have tried facial washes or creams at home without success and do not want to move on to medication just yet can try a range of cosmetic treatments.

Discussing the options, Dr Mervyn said: “Microdermabrasion and light peels are beneficial as they loosen material that is blocking the pores and help treat the underlying cause. DermaFrac is a new treatment option that combines microdermabrasion, gentle microneedling under vacuum, infusion of salicylic and lactic acids and LED light therapy. One can see very dramatic responses to acne with the DermaFrac as one is removing all pore blockages, delivering salicylic to combat infection and inflammation and the LED component provides blue light therapy to treat the bacteria contributing to the acne.”

Those suffering with acne scarring should try lasers, as Dr Mervyn explained: “IPL and lasers can have some benefit for people suffering from acne particularly if the acne has left red marks and scars. Deeper scars can respond to microneedling and fractional lasering but clearly it is better to treat the condition early so as to prevent the skin becoming scarred in the first place.”

If you are suffering from acne or have unwanted blemishes and scars from a breakout then book in for a free consultation with our Aesthetic Therapists on 0845 602 1161 or email us.

Turmeric - the new super spice?

03 February 2017


The benefits of the spice Turmeric have been known to a select number of people interested in holistic and herbal remedies for some years, but now doctors and scientists are getting very excited about the results of recent scientific research into the benefits of including this unassuming little root into your daily diet.

 Research is on-going but various tests are being performed at Newcastle University, Leeds General Infirmary and University College London into the potential improvement of asthma, eczema, anxiety, depression and even some forms of cancer. It seems that Turmeric (which contains the wonderful compound Curcumin) has an ability to control inflammation and as many common diseases have an inflammatory origin if this can be kept at bay then this would really be an exciting development.

So how can we best use Turmeric? – well tests seem to show that it is best used in powder form and most useful when combined with black pepper (containing the compound Piperine) and cooking oil – both of these ingredients help to effectively carry the Curcumin in the Turmeric into our bodies. These three ingredients could easily be combined into any curry and or warming spicy dish and many people make a milky “tea” drink (omitting the oil).


Epionce skincare developed by top US Dermatologist Dr Carl Thornfeldt, is formulated with a blend of active ingredients that work together and combine a highly effective delivery system with botanical antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. One of these ingredients is none other than Turmeric.

The mysterious root is gaining popularity for its anti-inflammatory benefits on the skin. This knobby plant is found in Epionce MelanoLyte Pigment Perfection Serum. Like Date, Turmeric is one of several key botanical sources that work synergistically to reduce the visible appearance of dark spots and help improve the appearance of skin brightness.

So however you decide to use Turmeric it’s good to know that this humble spice is packed full of wonderful benefits that can help your skin, body and mind.


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19 January 2017

Unfortunately we have been experiencing a technical fault with our emails. If you have emailed us and not received a reply or have tried to email and it has bounced back we do apologise. We are working on fixing the problem and we will update you as soon as we are back up and running.

In the meantime please do call us on 0845 6021161 and our Treatment Advisors can deal with any enquiries over the phone.

19/1/17 3:15pm - Technical fault with emails now resolved

19 January 2017

GOOD NEWS our emails are now back up and running and you can get in touch with us as norrmal using the contact form found here.

If you have sent an email and not heard back from us please do send it again or call us on 0845 6021161 as unfortunately we can't retrieve emails sent whilst we had a fault.

Many thanks


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