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Family Wedding Bells for Linda

24 August 2017

Dr Allan tells us how she made her client Linda look and feel her very best for her son's wedding.

Linda was a vivacious friendly lady who has frequented the clinic for about 15 years. Life had thrown a variety of difficulties at her which she had always risen above with hard work and cheerfulness. On this occasion there was a spring in her step and a beam on her face. 'My son is getting married' she said 'and I want to look my best ' further questioning revealed that her ex-husbands new wife would be there. Suddenly this became a challenge.

Up until this point I had only used Botox to soften and relax her features but I had always been keen to address the lack of volume in her face and in particular her hollow cheeks. This was the perfect occasion. A life of hard work and physical activity meant that Linda was decidedly slim and trim. She had a figure that many of us would envy but this lack of extra padding had taken its toll in particular on her face.

With advancing age and the damaging effects of the sun not only does the skin become saggy, lined and sprinkled with brown pigment spots and tiny veins but the fat pads that support the structures of the face disappear. To top that the bones over which skin and muscle are draped shrink. The effect is that of a deflating balloon.

Volume and padding lead to a healthier and more youthful appearance and one which we all covert.

My job was to recreate the Linda from years gone by not to create a new unrecognisable person.

With the advent of volumising fillers several years ago and in particular Voluma a new chapter in aesthetic work commenced.

As an Aesthetic physician I was now able to sculpt her face renewing and restoring and ultimately producing a softer, lifted and freshened appearance.

Next we addressed the issue of the sun damage. My aesthetic therapist Kerys used Intense Pulsed Light to gently fade away pigment spots and fine veins and stimulate new cell turnover to create a truly rejuvenated complexion.

Several sessions later Linda was over the moon with her new face. She had always hated her hollow cheeks, but had learnt to accept them as part of her. Improving this feature gave her the new found confidence that she needed to face all those family members and friends that can often be so supportive but so critical.    


Before   After
cheek volumisation  cheek volumisation





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