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Wedding Bells for Wedding Belles Part Two

05 December 2018

Fine lines and wrinkles – how to look relaxed and flawless for the big day.


 Even the most beautiful brides can sometimes need a   little  assistance in looking their very best on their special day.

 Botox is a wonderful anti-wrinkle injection treatment for easing   and smoothing small lines and wrinkles from the forehead,   frown   lines and crows’ feet. For most young brides just a   sprinkling of Botox is all that is needed to give a truly softened   look.

 Facial fillers can also be used where a little more volume is   required. A subtle lip enhancement can add a very natural   looking fullness to the mouth area. With young brides it should   all be about using minimal amounts of product to enhance the   inherent beauty of youth.

 Both of these treatments are best to have around a month in   advance of the wedding day which gives time for everything to   settle nicely.



The ideal skin treatment for lines and wrinkles is microneedling, a mechanism whereby tiny micro injuries are introduced into the skin to encourage the skin’s own repair mechanism.
This induces a surge of new collagen to help plump and smooth the skin. The traditional form of microneedling with a hand-held roller
is widely available but is limited to how effective it is close to the eye and on the top
lip area.
The DermaFrac is a significant advance as it combines microdermabrasion, microneedling under vacuum, simultaneous growth factor infusion and LED light therapy. Combining several treatments in the one procedure has the advantage that one gets better results with minimal side effects.
A more aggressive form of needling is performed with an automated microneedling pen device such as the Collagen PIN. Undoubtedly effective at inducing collagen, these more assertive forms of Microneedling need to be scheduled well in advance of the big day to allow for the maximum effect.

Brides want a flawless, blank canvas in readiness for their make-up artist to work their magic and one of the easiest and increasingly popular ways to achieve this is with a technique called Dermaplaning. This treatment uses a fine blade to remove “peach fluff” hair from the entire face and also the dead skin cells which are clogging the pores. Immediately following treatment, the skin looks luminous and make-up then sits perfectly on the skin.

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