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18 June 2019
Honest review from fashion & lifestyle blogger Alice Marsh

07 May 2019
The Importance of Sunscreen
Tip of the month from Epionce

02 May 2019
Surprising uses for Anti-Wrinkle Injections


We are delighted that our doctors, Dr Hilary Allan and Dr Mervyn Patterson, are regularly featured for their expert advice in the national press and glossy magazines. We also have regular blog posts here from the doctors discussing anything that may be affecting you, information on treatments and conditions plus any topics that have been discussed in the media. 

Top tips for the Party Season!

16 December 2015

Party Season Favourites 

With Christmas and New Year around the corner we wanted to share with you our favourite treatments to prepare yourself for the party season. As your social calendar becomes jam packed with dinners, work parties and catching up with old friends you are going to want to look fantastic.

Botox and Fillers

We all want to look gorgeous and at our best during this special time and there is no better way than to gently and almost instantly resolve the issues of fine lines and wrinkles.

At Woodford we use Botox® and Facial Fillers to effectively lift the face and smooth away the stresses of time, making you look and feel wonderful. Put yourself in the safe hands of our doctors and nurse knowing that you are being treated by the top 10 Injectors in the UK and delight in the results which will continue to thrill you throughout the festive season and into the New Year.

Epionce Lite Refresh Peel

Kick start your skin to look radiant for those all important festive parties. 

Our Epionce Lite Refresh peel is the introduction for our clients who are new to peels or those wishing to boast a smoother and brighter complexion. This professionally applied peel stimulates cell turnover, skin rejuvenation and accelerates the restorative process – revealing more beautiful, healthy skin.

The Epionce Lite refresh peel is suitable for all skin types and conditions. We recommend a course of peels to get optimum results but even a one off Lite Refresh treatment will make a significant difference and leave your skin glowing for that Christmas party.


The DermaFrac combines four highly effective anti-ageing treatments in one to give you smoother, firmer and healthier looking skin for the Christmas season. This treatment uses crystal free Microdermabrasion, Microneedling with simultaneous prescriptive infusion followed by LED light therapy to provide a total skin rejuvenation.

This relaxing treatment has no side effects or downtime making it the ideal treatment to have before your big night out.

Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Lift-Shape Face

Treat your face to an instant lift this Christmas. Lift-Shape is the latest treatment for non invasive skin tightening and surface smoothing. The invisible radiofrequency waves are directed into the deeper layers of the skin causing the collagen to contract giving a firmer, more youthful, lifted look. 

With no downtime and immediate results this is the perfect party prep treatment.                                               

The Ultimate Complexion Booster

During the run up to a big evening out why not try this tip from one of our top party girls.

Apply Epionce Enriched Firming Mask in a thick layer all over the face and neck. Always use cold from the fridge as this has a wonderful cooling and tightening effect on the skin. Pour a large glass of fizz and relax for 30 minutes in a warm bubble bath whilst the effect of this blissfully restoring and firming mask works its magic. Rinse off with lukewarm water and enjoy the new you!


With the countdown to Christmas & New Year under way don't miss out call us on 0845 602 1161 or email us to book your appointment today!


Christmas Card Donation 2015

15 December 2015

As normal this Christmas, instead of sending out cards we have chosen to make a charitable donation to Alzheimer's Society. To find out more about this fantastic charity and how our donation will help please click here .

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our clients a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!






OPEN HOUSE EVENT on Thursday 12th November

21 October 2015

Open House event in Danbury, Essex on Thursday 12th November between 10am-7pm

Aesthetics Awards 2015

08 October 2015

We are delighted to announce we have been shortlisted as finalists for the Aesthetics Awards 2015 for the Dermalux award for Best Clinic South England. We will be judged on our commitment to excellent customer service, patient care and safety and evidence of good feedback from patients.

We will find out if we have won on Saturday 5th December at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel. We will be sure to take lots of photos of the evening and we will keep you informed if we have been successful. Then you for your continued support.

Aesthetic Awards 2015 finalists

Great News for our Clients!

06 October 2015

As from October we now have four Aesthetic Therapists working across the Danbury, Cambridge and London clinics.This means we can now offer extended clinic hours with Carla, Debbie, Lucy and Kerys

  • Danbury will benefit from extended Saturday hours with Kerys and Lucy.
  • Cambridge will see Debbie working every Monday and two Fridays per month.
  • London will now have Kerys and Carla working every Wednesday and Lucy alternate Thursdays.

This will offer our clients a more extensive range of appointment options and keep up witth demand for therapist led treatments. 

To book your appointment please contact us.


Welcome Back Carla!

28 September 2015

Senior Aesthetic Therapist in Essex and London, Carla Pooran

We are delighted to announce that our Aesthetic Therapist Carla, known and loved by many, will be returning from maternity leave on Thursday 1st October. Having enjoyed the delights of motherhood for the second time she is now ready to resume her role as joint Head Therapist imparting her years of experience and high quality treatments in the aesthetic arena.

Award winning skincare Epionce, essential recovery kitTo celebrate her return we are bringing back the hugely popular 1540 laser resurfacing treatment with £100 off each treatment in the months of October, November and December. All customers booking a course of three treatments will also recieve a free Epionce Essential Recovery Kit worth £25.


Contact us now to make your appointment and start your preparations for the party season!

06 September 2015

Wedding Season 2015 continued...

06 August 2015

Wedding Bells

As promised we have the latest updates from Jordanne's wedding preparations and most importantly what skincare regime and treatments she has been using ahead of her big day in just three weeks time.

When we last spoke with Jordanne she had three months to go until her wedding and was beginning to have treatments and stepping up her skincare regime after suffering from an acne breakout at the age of 26. Believe it or not adult acne is extremely common with 50% of women suffering. With now only three weeks to go until the wedding we have caught up with Jordanne on what treatments she has had and how the plans are going.

"Jordanne, the 29th August is fast approaching. Do you feel organised and what is left to do?"

The wedding plans are going well. It's funny I was just saying the other day how people always say 'it will feel like your wedding is ages away and then all of a sudden the last couple of months fly by' and that is exactly what has happened. We had the final bridesmaid fitting last Saturday and we pick all the dresses up this weekend which is very exciting. Our main jobs left to do are finalising all the small details such as order of service, seating plan, timings for the day etc.

"You seem like you have it all under control. How has your skin been and what treatments have you had?"

My skin feels great at the moment. I have noticed a huge improvement to how it was 18 months ago. My family and friends are all noticing and commenting on how good it is looking. We stepped up the treatments and my skincare regime about two months ago to allow ample time to notice a change prior to my wedding.

Acne skin peel treatment

Epionce Peel System

I have regulary been having Epionce peels to keep my oil under control. I have extremely oily skin, hence why I suffer with acne. The Epionce peel system is formulated to improve the appearance and texture of the skin by increasing cell turnover, this helps to alleviate skin conditions such as acne and rosacea. I have found the skin peels, along with Microdermabrasion are brilliant for me as there is very little discomfort and hardly any downtime, you may just be left a little pink for that evening.




IPL Photorejuvenation 

ipl fotofacial treatment

A treatment which Dr Allan & Dr Patterson have recommended for
me is what is known as the Fotopeel, this treatment is a combination of IPL Photorejuvenation alonside an Epionce peel. Photorejuvenation is a great treatment to reduce facial redness, something which as an acne sufferer I have a lot of. The acne along with the redness makes the skin look very sore and inflamed. I have had three treatments along with Epionce peels and it has made a huge difference, the redness has now gone and I am just left with a few small acne scars and blemishes. 




Skincare Regime

Alongside the treatments I have been very strict with my skincare regime. Gone are the days when I used to sleep in my make-up or when I did take my make-up off I would just use a face wipe. I have been using Epionce products for about nine months now and I would never use anything else. I use the system for oily/combination skin which is Lytic Gel Cleanser, Lytic Sport, Purifying Toner and Renewal Lite Facial Lotion. I make sure every night I take my make-up off with these products before bed. I also always make sure I cleanse and moisturise in the the morning. To begin with it is hard but you have to be strict with yourself and get into the habit, once you notice and feel the difference you will be amazed and it is now just part of my daily routine.

Eight months ago I would never go anywhere without a full face of make-up, I was using concealer, a liquid foundation and camouflage foundation on top to try and hide my bad skin. I didn't realise at the time that these products were actually making my skin look and feel worse. I have now moved onto Colorescience mineral make-up and I love it. I have saved myself about 10 minutes in the morning from using less make-up and my skin looks so much better, I now have a much more natural look.

Now feeling much more confident about her skin Jordanne has been brave enough to BARE ALL and share a before and after photo of her skin and how the treatments and products have made a significant difference:

before acne treatment  after acne treatment

before acne treatment    after acne treatment


Now ready and looking beautiful for the big day we would like to wish Jordanne and her partner David the best of luck on their wedding day. We look forward to sharing the photos with you all!!
                                              marketing manager Jordanne Garland and her husband

Wedding Season 2015 continued...

05 August 2015

Wedding Bells 

Treatment Advisor Sharon Gilbert and daughter

Sharon has just returned from Lauren's suprise Hen do in Oxford, where Lauren's friends hired a barn for everyone to stay and they did fun activities such as quad biking and buggy driving. Now with just six weeks to go until the big day we have caught up with Sharon on her Mother of the Bride preparations. 


As my daughter Lauren's big day approaches the excitment in our family is steadily mounting. Aside from all the preparation Lauren has been doing to get herself and her bridesmaids ready, I have begun to make some preparations of my own so that I can look and feel great at Lauren's wedding.

I have had a trial of how my hair is going to look on the day with my fascinator or hat (I know I should have decided on one or the other but I really can't make my mind up on this one). My hair colour is looking good and the cut should fit in perfectly time wise.

Now for my body treatments - I am in a fiqure hugging dress and although it fits me really well I am always self-critical and would like it to look even better. That is why I decided to have a course of Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Lift-Shape for the body on my stomach and buttocks. The Lift-Shape helps with body contouring and stream lining as well as tightening any small areas of stubborn fat. I am half way through my course and I have already noticed a difference in those areas and my clothes just seem to hang better somehow. I am now sure that I will be able to do justice to the lovely dress that I have chosen and feel more body confident.

dermal filler treatment

When Dr Patterson suggested that I could benefit from a little more facial volume on my cheeks I have to say that I agreed. Because I am lucky enough to be slim it does mean that my face is also on the slim side. Where I once had peachy cheeks, I now have much thinner facial contours and I was keen to restore some youthful volume to my upper facial areas. Dr Patterson decided to use one of the most popular facial fillers that we use at Woodford Medical called Juvederm Voluma. This is made by aesthetic industry leaders Allergan and has a really good safety history so I felt confident in this choice of product. Dr Patterson injected Juvederm Voluma into my cheek area to restore the volume that would have been there up until my early forties. The result is instant and he showed me in the mirror when he had injected one half of my face - there was a definite but subtle lift to my upper face which somehow made me look fresher and wide awake. I love this new me.


I have always been an advocate of Botox anti-wrinkle injections and have been having them with Dr Allan for a number of years. Botox is a purified protein and when carefully injected it relaxes the area of injection and smoothes away lines and wrinkles. At work it is our most popular procedure and the doctors never tire of easing away our client's unwanted creases. As the effects of Botox last up to four months I had to pick the optimum time to have it done and six weeks before the wedding is excellent timing. I normally have injections in my forehead, frown lines and a few sprinkles around my eyes to erase those little 'sunray' lines. Again the look is very subtle and just makes me look relaxed and well rested - almost as though I had been away on holiday even when I haven't. Unlike the Juvederm facial fillers, Botox is not instant - it takes between 4 - 14 days to take full effect but when it does, I know as usual I will love it.


We would like to wish Sharon and her daughter Lauren lots of luck on her wedding day and we look forward to sharing all the photos with you after the big day!

                                                    Treatment advisor Sharon Gilbert





01 July 2015

Business at Woodford Medical is going from strength to strength and after 19 successful years we have decided to recruit a Nurse Practitioner to work alongside us. We want the success of Woodford Medical to continue and with our carefully selected new Nurse Practitioner we will be able to offer clients more flexibility in their appointment choices.


Nurse Practitioner in Danbury, essex Oona Davison

Nurse Oona Davison qualified as a nurse 21 years ago from Kings College London and has a BSc Honours degree in nursing as well as being qualified as a Specialist Practitioner and an Independent Prescriber.

In 2008 Oona then gained qualifications in Botox, Advanced Botox, Facial Fillers and Advanced Facial Fillers from the Royal College of Physicians. She continues to maintain her skills and knowledge with regular updates and advanced training from the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the Aesthetic Industry.

Oona has worked for some of the most well-known and respected names in the Aesthetics field in Harley Street and her professionalism and attention to detail as well as in-depth understanding of clients expectations, ensures outstanding results and client satisfaction.


We are delighted to welcome Oona on board and we know our clients old and new will make her feel welcome. 

As an additional service for our clients Oona will be offering weekend and evening clinics in Danbury. These will run on every other Saturday 10am - 2pm and one Wednesday per month 3pm - 8pm.

Many thanks

Dr Hilary Allan & Dr Mervyn Patterson 


To book your appointment or consultation with Nurse Oona today please call us on 0845 602 1161 for more information or email us here.

Wedding Season 2015

04 June 2015

Wedding Bells

Wedding season is in full flow and it has well and truly hit Woodford Medical. Our Marketing Manager Jordanne is getting married on Saturday 29th August 2015 and our Senior Treatment Advisor Sharon will be Mother of the Bride at her daughter's wedding on Saturday 19th September. With this in mind we wanted to share their journey with you leading up to the big day. We will talk you through what skincare regime they are sticking to and what treatments they have had and will be having to prepare them for this wonderful time. Weddings are such special occasions, a day to remember, with photos that will be passed down through generations, so it's no wonder we want to look and feel our best.

Bride to be

Jordanne has just returned to work from her five day hen do in Menorca, gone are the days of an evening party with a few friends the night before your wedding, now we embark on a full blown holiday. Jordanne has returned from her hen party and with now only two months to go until her wedding the stress is kicking in.

'How are the plans going Jordanne and what do you have left to do?'

Marketing manager Jordanne Garland

"I can't believe I am getting married in 12 weeks. When we got engaged 18 months ago in Paris and booked our wedding date, I knew we had ages so I was very relaxed about it all, but now the hen party is over the day is coming round so fast. We have booked all the important 'big' things such as catering, photographer, videographer, honeymoon, transport etc. so now it's just the small things we need to concentrate on such as favours, seating plans, order of service, readings, hymns ... all the things that you can't really do until nearer the day but they are the most time consuming. I have written a checklist of everything left to do and this will be my most valued accessory leading up to the wedding, I will be taking it with me everywhere!"


Over the next couple of months we will be discussing different treatments that Jordanne will have and has had to ensure she looks and feels her best on her big day. Last year Jordanne suffered a hormonal break out of spots and her skin erupted at the age of 26 (click here for more information on adult acne). Thankfully she asked for help quickly knowing her wedding wasn't too far away and Dr Allan and Dr Patterson started a treatment plan immediately. 15 months on and Jordanne's skin has improved considerably and she now feels confident to wear her hair back and go make-up free to the gym, all things she would hide away from before. We will show you before and after pictures of Jordanne's skin, discuss the treatments she has undergone and is still having and the skincare regime she sticks to everyday which has given her back her confidence and improved her skin. 

Mother of the Bride

Treatment advisor Sharon Gilbert

We will also be talking to Sharon our Senior Treatment Advisor who is going to be Mother of the Bride at Laurens wedding in September. Sharon takes pride in her appearance and keeps herself fit and slender and so looks 10 years younger than her age of 54. However she feels that when she looks in the mirror she sees the effects of years of sun tanning. She has noticed some pigmentation forming and an increase in superficial facial lines and wrinkles.

 "We didn't have the warnings when we were younger on the damage that the sun causes to your skin. Now I know how important it is to look after your skin and always wear SPF. I make sure I tell everyone, especially my children and their friends to ensure they don't have the same problems."

We will document Sharon's treatments in the lead up to her daughter’s wedding and talk you through what she will be having to ensure she looks and feels her best on the big day. 





26 April 2015


After the success of our brand new treatment Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Lift-Shape to our Danbury & London clinics we are now launching this treatment in Cambridge from Friday 8th May.

This fantastic treatment softly and gently improves fine lines, wrinkles and skin texture whilst giving your face a more youthful look with no pain or downtime. For more information on this treatment please click here.


To add to the excitment our Aesthetic Therapist Debbie will be returning from maternity leave on Friday 8th May. Debbie has been off for six months after giving birth to her second child, beautiful baby Freya. Debbie will be back from May to our Cambridge clinic only offering usual treatments as well as the new Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Lift-Shape. From Monday 1st June Debbie will be working as normal in our Danbury clinic.

To book your treatments in with Debbie for Cambridge or Danbury call us on 0845 602 1161 or click here.


Cambridge pride advert with Senior Aesthetic Therapist Debbie Lingard

Top 10 Most Googled Beauty Questions!

26 March 2015

How do I get rid of Acne?

Tesco Living magazine recently featured an article on the Top 10 most googled beauty questions and in at number one was "How do I get rid of Acne?" a question that we all would have asked or heard people discussing. We all have breakouts and unwanted spots that seem to appear at important times in our life such as before an interview, party or even your own wedding.

Most acne is down to hormones. At puberty, females start to produce hormones that stimulate the ovaries to release oestrogen, as well as androgen, which stimulate hair growth. When these two hormones surge before ovulation, an egg is released, but often during puberty the hormones aren't quite working in sync and this can cause a hormone imbalance. The Result? Increased oiliness, blackheads and breakouts, through to full-on acne.

80% of teens suffer from spots to some degree, boys are more susceptible in this period of their life as testosterone tends to make their spots worse. The face is the most common area to be affected but spots can appear on the neck, upper back, shoulders and chest. If attempts are made to squeeze spots the inflamation will spread making the problem worse, this often leads to the typical pitted acne scarring. To dispel common myths acne is not caused by forgetting to wash or eating plates of chips.

It is not just teens that suffer according to acne.org 25% of adult men and 50% of adult women will suffer from acne. 

"Many skincare products are too harsh, resulting in a disrupted skin barrier with increased inflamation and redness. Use cleansers that clear some of the debris blocking the pores, but without irritation." Explains Dr Mervyn Patterson 

At Woodford Medical we sell the professional skincare range Epionce. Their range of cleansers gently disolve make-up, pollutants, bacteria, dirt particles and other impurities meaning the skin is effectively cleansed without harming the protective barrier or irrating the skin.

award winning skin care Epionce, lytic gel cleanser, milky lotion cleanser, gentle foaming cleanser

To read the rest of the article in Tesco Living magazine and the other beauty questions featured please click here 

For more information on our Epionce skincare range and for treatments we offer which can help with acne breakouts please click here to get in touch with us.

Valentine's Day Offer!

05 February 2015

Valentine's Day!

Laser Hair Removal Bikini Line treatment!

We are excited to introduce the Hollywood or Brazilian bikini line treatment with an amazing 20% reduction.

Treat yourself this valentines to a course of 3 treatments for just £320 (RRP £350)

For more information to book your treatment click here 


World Cancer Day - Wednesday 4th Feb 2015!

04 February 2015

The BBC reported that 1 in 2 people will suffer from Cancer during their life!

"World Cancer Day is a unique oppertunity to rasie awareness that there is much that can be done at an individual, community and governmental level, to harness and mobilise these solutions and catalyse positive change. By moving forward together we have the potential to show: Cancer. It is not beyond us"

Read more about World Cancer Day at www.worldcancerday.org 

At Woodford Medical we believe protecting your skin from the suns fierce rays is extremley important. Dr Mervyn Patterson quoted last week in Tesco Living Magazine,

"Take Immediate action and introduce a daily moisturiser that contains an SPF of at least 25. You should even adapt your winter skincare routine to include the application of an SPF (no lower than 25) every morning before you go outside."

To avoid the risk of skin cancer start by regularly using a high sun protection cream such as our Epionce Ultra Shield SPF 50 which will give you long lasting protection throughout the day.


New Treatment Launch for 2015!

01 January 2015

We are excited to announce the launch of our BRAND NEW TREATMENT at Woodford Medical for 2015!

Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Lift-Shape!

Lift-Shape is a brand new treatment to softly improve the appearance of skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles whilst providing your face with a gentle lift.

This treatment will give your face a more youthful and lifted look with no pain and no down time.

For more information and to book your appointment please click here 

Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Lift-Shape brand new treatment available in Essex and Danbury

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