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18 June 2019
Honest review from fashion & lifestyle blogger Alice Marsh

07 May 2019
The Importance of Sunscreen
Tip of the month from Epionce

02 May 2019
Surprising uses for Anti-Wrinkle Injections


We are delighted that our doctors, Dr Hilary Allan and Dr Mervyn Patterson, are regularly featured for their expert advice in the national press and glossy magazines. We also have regular blog posts here from the doctors discussing anything that may be affecting you, information on treatments and conditions plus any topics that have been discussed in the media. 

Our Fotofacial treatment is featured in The Daily Mail Online

23 November 2016

Turn back the clock with a youthful decollectage, banish double chins in a flash and how to transform your neck:

The ultimate guide to anti-ageing


The IPL machine is one of the workhorses of any self-respecting cosmetic clinic. It’s not the newest technology, but it is one of the safest and most useful.

The flashes of light that the machine delivers are absorbed by red or brown pigment in the skin which is then cleared out by the body, so it’s great at softening brown age spots on the hands.

As treatments go, it’s easy, quick and inexpensive — and it works.


HOW IT FEELS: My hands are covered in a clear gel that conducts the light from the machine into my skin. Each zap feels like a tiny pin prick, and it’s very quick.


THE RESULTS: I don’t have many visible brown marks on my hands thanks to a long-term sunscreen habit, but there are plenty building up beneath the surface. A few weeks after treatment, these become almost invisible, which is very satisfactory. I’m keeping up with the SPF hand cream, to keep them at bay.






TIME TAKEN: Ten minutes.


WHERE: Dr Hilary Allan, Woodford Medical (various clinics across the south of England and in Belfast), woodfordmedical.com, £225. IPL is also available in cosmetic clinics nationwide.

Alice Hart-Davis



Dr Allan has extensively trained our Aesthetic Therapists to perform this treatment and we are currently offering an AMAZING 15% off courses - to book your appoitnment please call us on 0845 6021161 or email us.


Read more on this article from the Daily Mail here 

Epionce and Pregnancy

01 November 2016

Pregnancy causes a lot of changes to woman’s body, especially to the skin. During pregnancy you are prone to more breakouts, dryness, stretch marks and hyperpigmentation. Epionce can help control a variety of skin concerns whilst also make sure you feel beautiful and pampered during your pregnancy.


The warnings and words of caution for products which you can use in pregnancy can be confusing but Epionce products, aside from a few, are generally safe to use while pregnant and breastfeeding. This is because the majority of Epionce ingredients are absorbed before entering the bloodstream systemically, and do not have any FDA recommendations on restrictive use.

Epionce products NOT recommended for use while pregnant or breastfeeding:

  • Lite Lytic TX, Lytic TX, Lytic Sport TX
  • Melanolyte TX and Melanolyte Pigment Perfection Serum
  • All chemical peels, including Epionce Lite Refresh and Corrective peels.

Tips and products SAFE to use whilst pregnant and breastfeeding:

  • To help keep your skin looking beautiful during pregnancy add a toner to your skincare regime to hold in hydration and keep pores clear of dirt, oil and makeup.
  • Use Epionce Enriched Firming Mask once a week to hydrate your skin, whilst also calming damaging inflammation that can drive redness, dark spots and acne.
  • Epionce Extreme Barrier Cream helps to prevent stretch marks because it encourages collagen production and reverses tears occurring in the layers of the skin. It also repairs the barrier and helps to stop the inflammatory response. 
  • Pregnancy related hyperpigmentation can be kept at bay with Epionce Intense Defense Serum, Renewal Facial products and Ultra Shield SPF50. Intense Defense Serum and Renewals have lightening properties and prevent inflammation that leads to irregular pigmentation.

We always recommend that our clients check with their GP or midwife before using any products whilst pregnant or breastfeeding.



03 October 2016

Our approach to treating skin pigmentation is to firstly establish a skincare regime that will optimise skin health. Epionce Renewals repair the skin barrier and dampen all pathways of chronic inflammation. Repairing the skin's outer defensive shield and switching off the signals that stimulate the melanocyte cells to produce pigment are both the essential first step and the long term strategy for managing unwanted pigmentation.

What treatment will I need for pigmentation?

Our treatment of choice for sun induced sun spots and mottled pigmentation is a course of Fotofacial. The short pulse of light is absorbed by the cells affected by the pigment which causes the pigment to rise to the surface of the skin and be gradually shed off as the skin turns over. A course of three treatments spaced a month apart are required to get best results.


What happens after I have my treatment course?

Once the IPL course has been completed we introduce pigmentation suppression in the form of Epionce Melanolyte Tx Lotion and Pigment Perfecting Serum. These two products have been formulated with a wide array of botanical ingredients that suppress sixteen of the seventeen steps in the production of melanin. Independent clinical trials show this strategy to be superior to the use of prescription retinoids or hydroquinone. Not only is the Epionce regime effective but importantly it avoids the irritation and the rebound of pigmentation when the prescriptive products are withdrawn. The Epionce line is well tolerated and safe for longterm use, something that is important if one is to control the recurrence of pigment. 


What can I do to prevent further pigmentation?

Adopting steps that reduce direct UV exposure such as wearing a hat are important. Use of high factor sunscreen in the form of Epionce SPF 50 and mineral makeup Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF50 help to reduce as much as possible further triggering of melanocyte activity.

The Results


before pigmentation treatment  



After pigmentation treatment

*We are currently offering a fantastic 15% off a course of Fotofacial treatments from now until December - to find out more and to book please click here*



14 September 2016

Dr Patterson talks to Claire O'Boyle at Belfast Live about the Secret World of Botox

As Botox continues to grow by around 20% every year in Northern Ireland, a top Belfast practitioner reveals all you need to know...

Botox, botox injections, botox for wrinkles, anti aging, anti ageing, anti aging products

It's old hat for Hollywood A-listers and Chelsea poshos, but as ever, Belfast has taken its time catching up.

At last, for good or bad, it looks like we're getting there with Botox.

According to industry insiders the number of people in Northern Ireland getting the treatment has soared into the thousands, with an ongoing rise of around 20% year on year.

And Dr Mervyn Patterson, who has more than 20 years experience in the industry, says it shows no signs of slowing down.

"The numbers just keep rising," says Dr Patterson, from Woodford Medical Clinic.

“We’re treating more and more people, and the levels of interest are growing."

So who is getting the treatment?

"Who isn't?" says Dr Patterson. "It's literally anyone from the Minister's wife to the businesswoman or the cashier in Asda.

"We traditionally imagine its people with a lot of money but in reality it is very ordinary people who simply scrimp and save to get it done.

"It's a priority for them so they make sure they have the money, around £350 for a treatment.

"You'll get women saving up their supermarket vouchers, and gathering that cash up for their next treatment.

"We also get some men, not as many, but that number is growing too."

The age range varies greatly.

"We have a couple of clients in their 20s," says Dr Patterson, "women who have very deep lines because they've been scowling since they were children. But I'd draw the line at giving Botox to someone under 20.

"By far the most popular age is mid to late 40s and on into 50s. I also have one woman in her late 70s who comes to me."

Top secret

Dr Patterson says one huge difference between patients in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK is their desire for discretion.

"People here do NOT like to discuss their Botox openly," he says. "They want an extremely subtle look, which is the best Botox look anyway, but in general they'd be mortified if anyone thought they'd had it done.

"In the UK, around 80% of people find out about clinics through word of mouth recommendations. Here, it's practically nil because people just don't talk about it. Instead, they discreetly do a Google search and sort it out by themselves.

"They want people to think they've slept well, they've relaxed on holiday, and they've simply lost a bit of the strained look in their face.

"That's the natural, optimum look you'll get from Botox and that's what the best practitioners will try to get."

Dr Patterson has some hilarious anecdotes about just how discreet his clients like to be.

"In most cases they won't even tell their other halves they're getting Botox," he says.

"A huge number of our files say: 'DO NOT CALL ME AT HOME' on them. They would be mortified if their husbands or boyfriends - and in some cases wives and girlfriends - found out. Instead, they'll say they're off for a facial, come back looking refreshed and the partners are none the wiser."

And the secrecy isn't just between men and women.

"We once had quite an embarrassing incident when two sisters in their 40s bumped into each other in the waiting room," says Dr Patterson "One had been coming to us for years, and the other was on her first visit. They had to confess all to each other about having Botox -  they were able to see the funny side later on."

Woodford Medical's Top Tips

1. Do your research

Do some reading about Botox to find out exactly what it is and how it works so your expectations are realistic.

2. Take your time

Make sure you get a proper consultation with a practitioner before you go ahead. If you feel rushed at all, or they start pushing you with different sales pitches, this might not be the practitioner for you.

The first consultation should be just that - don't expect to have the actual treatment that day. You'll want before pictures to be taken so you can assess how effective it is afterwards.

3. Keep it up

Once you've had your first treatment, expect to see your practitioner again after two weeks, then again at a month. They need to see it's settling in OK and adjust it if necessary.

I'm afraid some people who offer Botox say it'll last longer than it will, that you'll only need it done every six months. In reality, it starts to go on the wane after three months so you do need to keep it up a bit more frequently.

Every three months will mean you keep ahead of it, it doesn't start to fail and you maintain it rather than have a constant up and down transformation.

4. Build a relationship

I would always recommend going to someone who specialises in aesthetics treatments, rather than someone who has tagged Botox on to another profession.

As far as I'm concerned, it really is practice makes perfect with Botox and the more treatments a practitioner does, the better they are at it.

However, if you've started treatment with someone and are happy with how it's going, it does pay to build a relationship with them.

That way they get to know your skin and as long as they keep a clear record of all your treatments you will be going in the right direction. Stick with them, direct them in how you like the effect to look and you should get into a good routine.

To book your appointment or consultation for Botox with our experienced Doctors please call 0845 602 1161, or if you prefer to email us click here.


18 August 2016

Here at Woodford Medical we are extremely lucky to have a team of Aesthetic Therapists with over 50 years of experience between them. Carla, Debbie, Kerys, Lucy, Catherine & Nurse Practitioner Kerry have all qualified from recognised Universities and beauty colleges as well as receiving regular training from Dr Carl Thornfeldt, top US Dermatologist who is the CEO and founder of Epionce skincare range. They have also received extensive training from the leading European Colorescience trainer, Wendy Patrick, who recently flew over from the US to impart the latest skills and developments in a “hands on” approach teaching session.

The manufacturers of our IPL Photorejuvenation and hair removal systems provide excellent training for our Therapists so that clients can be assured of a result led treatment plan.

During the introduction of Lift-Shape face and body treatment (now proving extremely popular with our clients) the Italian team of trainers were on hand to guide the Therapists on how to achieve the best results for their individual client’s needs.

In addition they have also been extensively trained by Dr Allan & Dr Patterson in performing high end aesthetic skin treatments, the doctors ensure that the Gold Standard of care that Woodford Medical prides itself on extends to all treatments within the clinic regardless of who performs the procedure.

Our team all have their own specialisms and areas of expertise. 


Senior Aesthetic Therapist in Essex and London Carla Pooran  Carla is our Senior Aesthetic Therapist who works at our clinics in Danbury and    Upper Wimpole Street. Carla has worked at Woodford Medical for 12 years and has  developed her training and qualifications within the medical aesthetics environment  at the clinic. Carla is passionate about all the aesthetic treatments we offer but in  particular she loves the IPL Photorejuvenation.

 “I feel this treatment gives fantastic results for clients with sun  damaged skin, broken  veins and open pores.  If you want to give  your complexion a beautifully even  appearance then this is the  treatment I would highly recommend.”



Senior Aesthetic Therapist in essex and Cambridge Debbie Lingard

Debbie is also our Senior Aesthetic Therapist who covers the Danbury and Cambridge clinics. Debbie joined Woodford Medical in 2002 and has excelled in furthering her skills in medical aesthetics. Debbie loves the results she sees from all her treatments but in particular loves the Collagen P.I.N.

“The Collagen P.I.N procedure is a particular favourite of mine because it targets skin problems at a very deep level.  This treatment promotes new collagen and elastin and when combined with the new Growth Factor Rejuvenation complex my clients can expect skin repair, renewal and regeneration to totally boost their complexion.” 


Aesthetic Therapist in Essex and London Lucy Hull  Lucy qualified in Beauty Therapy over 10 years ago and joined us from another  successful aesthetic clinic in 2014. Lucy works in our Danbury and Upper Wimpole Street clinics and was one of the first of our Aesthetic Therapists to train in the Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Lift- Shape treatment.

  “Since introducing Lift-Shape into the clinic it has become a firm favourite with my clients. I use it to lift, firm, re-model and contour key areas of the face and body. My clients are always delighted when I show them the lift they can achieve with this procedure and can’t wait to come back for further treatments.”


Aesthetic Therapist in Essex and London Kerys PyneKerys qualified from the University of Newcastle in 2014 after completing her degree in Spa Management and a further degree in Business management. Her dissertation involved looking at the effects of Sun Damage on the skin and since then Kerys has had a key interest in this area.  Kerys works in our Danbury and Upper Wimpole Street clinics.

“I love being able to deliver a noticeable difference to my clients complexions and there is no quicker way to achieve an immediate improvement than doing skin peels combined with microdermabrasion.  My clients leave looking refreshed and glowing and ready to show off their beautiful younger looking skin.”


Aesthetic Therapist in Leamington Spa Catherine Carr  Catherine is our Aesthetic Therapist who works alongside Dr Patterson and   Nurse Oona at our Leamington Spa clinic. Catherine joined us from a     multinational skin clinic where she led a team of Therapists. She has been extensively trained by Dr Allan and Dr Patterson in advanced Aesthetic techniques. 

  “The most popular treatment for my Leamington Spa clients   has to be Infrared Skin Tightening. This treatment gives a tightening effect of the cheeks, neck and jaw line and helps promote a more youthful appearance in these areas. For my busy clients this is an ideal treatment as there is no downtime allowing them to get back to their normal activities straight away.”


Nurse Practitioner at the Belfast clinic Kerry Blaine

Kerry is our Nurse Practitioner working alongside Dr Patterson in the Belfast clinic. Kerry has an impressive range of aesthetic expertise under her belt and combined with her professional approach ensures her advanced aesthetic treatments are in much demand with the Belfast clients.

“The ladies of Belfast love to look after their skin, so when I introduced them to the DermaFrac multi faceted treatment they were delighted with the combination targeting different areas. The procedure includes crystal free microdermabrasion and microneedling with simultaneous infusion. I am now combining DermaFrac with the new Growth Factor Serum to promote skin refinement and give my clients a smoother, firmer and healthier looking skin.”


If you would like to book a consultaion or appoinment with our Aesthetic Therapists & Nurse Practitioner Kerry please give us a call 0845 6021161 or send us an email.

Colorescience new product launch

14 June 2016

Launch of Even Up by Colorescience in the UK


The latest product from Colorescience namely Even Up arrived in the UK a couple of months ago and has received unprecedented attention from both the press and the general public.

Here at Woodford Medical our Aesthetic Therapist team were quick to see the attributes of this new product and were keen to share them with their clients.

Colorescience Even Up product before and after

 “I was immediately impressed with the multi-functionality of Even Up, it offers my clients a high sun protection factor and a flawless finish for their skin – what’s not to love!” said Therapist Debbie.

Therapist Carla commented “I see the effects of too much sun bathing quite frequently and so  a product that combats sun spots and pigmentation has been really well received at the clinic”

Even up contains a brightening complex to  address the underlying causes of skin  discolouration, a mineral based primer to diffuse  uneven skin tone and a broad spectrum SPF 50  to continually protect from UVA and UVB rays,  sun damage and pollutants.

 In addition there are some really interesting  study results performed in the US in a 12 week  trial showing a staggering 96% improvement in the appearance of skin tone and 94%  improvement in the appearance of age spots  and pigmentation. So we have a product here  that not only improves the look of the skin  immediately on application but continues to  deliver benefits over the longer term.

 Therapist Kerys added “As a keen advocate of  sun protection I was so pleased to be able to  recommend a product that had undergone  several studies and achieved such good results”

“I just love the way the Even Up prepares the skin for applying other make-up on top, and it means that make up lasts all day without reapplying” said Therapist Lucy.


The team at Woodford Medical worked extremely hard to get the message out to all their loyal clients and share with them the benefits of Even Up, a ground breaking product from Colorescience – so a big well done to all involved!

Colorescience training with Global & Educational Manager Wendy Patrick

01 June 2016

Presentation from Colorescience rep Wendy Patrick

On Tuesday 24th May our Aesthetic Therapists were invited along to an International Colorescience Training Day with Wendy Patrick. Wendy joined Colorescience two years ago as Global Trainer and Education Manager having held similar senior positions at Estee Lauder and Macy’s NY.

Colorescience is a premier luxury mineral make up line that includes high quality ingredients, pure mineral formulations, sun protection and luxury colours with a focus on simplicity of use.

The day started at 10am with an introduction from Paul Edwards, Manager of Eden Aesthetics Distribution. He outlined the success and growth of Colorescience in the UK and how it fits perfectly alongside the treatments we offer at Woodford Medical and synergistically with our other premium skin care range, Epionce.

Wendy started her presentation by explaining that the emphasis for Colorescience is combining a really high standard of sun protection with the finest of mineral makeup to give complete sun safety blended to a luxurious and natural finish.

Wendy asked for a volunteer in order to demonstrate how to apply each stage of Colorescience, from starting with the newly launched Even Up Primer, followed by Tint du Soleil ( a tinted moisturiser containing SPF 30) and  finishing with a dusting of Sunforgettable which also contains an SPF 30.  She then showed how to give the model a lasting, dewy finish by spritzing with the Hydrating Setting Mist. Wendy was extremely informative and gave everyone some great application tips.

Using several other volunteer models she went on the demonstrate other Colorescience products including the versatility of the Camouflage Kit in being able to cover everything from under eye dark circles, bruising and areas of redness or hyperpigmentation – proving it to be a “must have” product in everyone’s makeup kit.

Wendy, who is a great believer in a hands-on approach to presenting, then asked everyone to remove their make-up, which surprisingly they all did. She wanted everyone to practice her tips on application and also prescribing the correct colours and types of Colorescience mineral make up as they would in a client situation within their own clinics. Her ethos is that she wants every attendee to walk away with one piece of information that they didn’t previously know – I think she nailed it!  

The day ended with everyone receiving a FREE Colorescience Even Up, Tint Du Soleil and Lip Shine in the colours that Wendy prescribed for them, but perhaps the best thing everyone took away with them was what an excellent product Colorescience is when you know what it does and how to use it properly.

After the event Aesthetic Therapist Carla said “I didn’t realise how versatile Colorescience products could be and how they can be adapted to suit just about every age and skin tone”.

Another attendee Therapist Catherine said “I am constantly stressing the importance of protecting the skin from sun damage to my clients and now I have a product that not only does that but looks great too!”

The Daily Express feature on Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Lift-Shape

15 May 2016

Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Lift-Shape

An excellent article and video published in The Daily Express by journalist Lizzie Mulherin on our fantastic non-invasive skin tightening treatment.

"It might just be the thing needle-averse women have been looking for. A high-tech treatment is revolutionising the beauty industry with claims to lift and tighten skin. The best part? There’s no need to go under the knife, and there are no needles involved. 

Using radio-frequency waves to smooth out lines and wrinkles, the device can even contour key areas of the face including the neck and chin. 

Radiofrequency skin tightening lift-shape treatment on the face

All without breaking the skin barrier. So how does it work? 

The two part treatment uses something called ‘Dynamic Quadripolar Radiofrequency’. This essentially allows electromagnetic waves to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. By heating the deep tissue of the skin, collagen contracts and then generates new fibres - to rejuvenate the outward appearance of the skin. The first part of the procedure focuses on lifting and sculpting the face, while the second part targets the exterior texture and thin lines. Entirely painless, clients experience a warm sensation as the machine is massaged over the problem area. The treatment lasts for 45 minutes in total and can be tailored to various areas of the face, or body if preferred. 

In addition to lifting the face and neck, it can lift eyebrows, sculpt cheekbones and smooth out fine lines. It can also be used to combat cellulite on the legs and arms. 

Experts recommend 6 sessions of the treatment over 6 weeks for best results and at £150 - £195 a pop the procedure comes in a lot cheaper than its surgical counterpart."

Simply click here to watch a video of our Aesthetic Therapist Kerys explaining and performing the treatment.

Our Radiofreqency Skin Tightening Lift-Shape treatment for the Face and Body is available at our Danbury, London and Cambridge clinics. Click here to book your appointment or call us on 0845 602 1161.

So if you are having concerns about getting beach body ready for summer why not book a free consultation with one of our Aesthetic Therapists to find out what Lift-Shape body can do for you!

"I love the Lift-Shape treatment. I have been having it on my stomach to get my body bikini ready for the summer and I am thrilled with the results so far." Lynsey



Mother's Day Competition

17 February 2016


Simply click here to enter the competition on our Facebook page.

Entries close on FRIDAY 4th MARCH at 12pm.



win a free epionce skin peel in our Mother's Day competition

Five steps to kick start 2016!

13 January 2016

With late nights, too much alcohol and way too many mince pies all a distant memory January is the perfect month to focus on yourself and make those all important goals to strive for throughout the year ahead.

With “Do more exercise/ lose weight” topping the poll on the ITN’s website for the most popular new year’s resolutions for 2016  we thought we could help make that a little easier with five easy steps to get your health, body, skin and confidence back into tip top condition.

Botox, botox injections

1. Ease away the stresses of last year

If the stresses and strains of the build up to Christmas and the New Year have left you looking tense and frazzled why not consider having a sprinkling of Botox® to smooth and ease away those lines and wrinklesis a quick and painless procedure that can easily take care of those unwanted lines around the forehead, crow’s feet and frown lines leaving you looking fresher and calmer and altogether more confident going forwards to spring.

So put yourselves in the hands of our award winning professionals and find out how to look and feel more relaxed and confident.


2. Book a course of Radiofrequency Lift-Shape body treatments

In the winter it is all too easy to eat platefuls of comfort food and cover excess weight in woolly jumpers and thick tights. However as spring is now gradually heading our way it is time to tackle the issue of those extra pounds and once those are sorted we need to address our problem areas. Stubborn fat is the worst kind of fat, we can spend hours in the gym and opting for the salad instead of a sandwich but those love handles or bingo wings sometimes just won’t shift.

The Lift-Shape radiofrequency device is a revolutionary clinically proven treatment to reduce fat, deliver body contouring and improve cellulite. This treatment works to full effect when you combine it with a fitness plan – so keep up with those squats, crunches and press ups either at home or in the gym and book yourself in for our Lift-Shape body treatment and dust off your bikini ready for the summer.

To find out more information about this amazing treatment please click here.


3. Treat your skin to a deep cleanse

DermaFrac is a fantastic treatment to totally cleanse your skin starting from the outside and advancing inwards.

Stage one is a microdermabrasion to get rid of all those dry and dead skin cells which give the complexion a tired and sallow appearance

Stage two is an advanced, combination therapy combining micro-needling with simultaneous infusion of a highly powerful anti-ageing peptide serum that penetrates deep into the layers of your skin.

Stage three is LED light therapy which promotes collagen stimulation, suppresses inflammation and reduces irritation.

Result: A totally clean and shining skin with a plump, smooth and healthier appearance!

Click here for more information about DermaFrac.


4. Dare to bare?

As you begin to emerge from the darkest winter months and shed those opaque tights and leggings do you find yourself filled with horror at the sight of unwanted areas of fuzz?

 Fear not because at Woodford we have the answer to those neglected and unwanted hair issues that arise on the legs, underarms, bikini and face.  The solution we offer is permanent long term hair removal using either the Vectus Laser ( Danbury clinic) or Intense Pulsed Light ( all other clinics).  These advanced systems provide rapid, effective and safe permanent hair removal. So kiss goodbye to waxing, plucking and shaving and book in for an advanced answer to unwanted hair.

Our Aesthetic Therapists offer a free consultation and test patch as well as a complete tailor made package to suit your needs.

Click here for more information about Vectus Laser and Intense Pulsed Light hair removal.


5. Develop a Skincare routine

Award winning skincare line Epionce

We all lead very busy lives and are quite often guilty of forgetting to give our skin the care it deserves. So when we eventually get round to giving our skin some much needed attention, where should we start and what products should we use? 

Enter Epionce founder and leading dermatologist in the US Dr Carl Thornfeldt who has created a skincare range which leverages years of scientific research to help you build the perfect skin care routine to meet your goals.

The Epionce system comprises of four easy steps – Cleanse & Prepare, Correct & Boost, Renew & Fortify and Protect & Prevent.

The AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) have a great step by step guide to face washing https://www.aad.org/public/skin-hair-nails/skin-care/face-washing-101 Epionce incorporates cleansers, toners, moisturisers and SPF to enable you to create your own skincare routine.

Set yourself a target – stick to the Epionce regime for four weeks, then once you notice your skin feeling clean and looking fresh you will kick yourself for not starting sooner.



For any of the above treatments or skincare please call 0845 602 1161 and speak to one of our Treatment Advisors for further information or to book an appointment. 

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