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Charitable Causes

Woodford Medical is a company that cares...


01 January 2018

07 December 2017
A Merry Christmas from the team at Woodford Medical

09 November 2017
New Treatment Launch - Dermaplaning
To tackle peach fluff facial hair as well as providing gentle exfoliation

Woodford Medical is a company that cares...

Woodford Medical has always been a company that cares and supports local causes and charities. Here are some details of the hard work and dedication our Woodford Medical staff members have shown to raise money for fantastic charities and causes...


She did it! - Kerys completes the Great Wall of China Trek

It was hard to believe that the moment had finally arrived for Kerys our Aesthetic Therapist to don her walking boots and set off to trek of The Great Wall of China. Indeed due to recurring chest infections prior to her setting off it seemed as though the possibility of her making the trek hung in the balance. But fortitude is one of Kerys finest attributes and so she was not going to be beaten by a ‘small’ thing like that so despite all our fears she set off for China.

Not many of us are familiar with the terrain of the trek and just in case like me you thought that it was a bit of a stroll have a look at the photos below showing actual conditions Kerys was trekking on.



The Trek involved walking and climbing for 8 hours per day for 7 days. The climbing part was the equivalent of scaling 300-400 floors on rocky and mountainous terrain. Some of the steps were so steep that they were waist height and involved Kerys hoisting herself up the steps using her arms to heave herself up. So I think we can now appreciate it was a really challenging trip.

When Kerys arrived back at work at Woodford this week she was able to fill us in on some of the details of her trip.  She had a few highs and lows to share with us. One of the best and worse days came on day 4 when she was really quite unwell but somehow managed to complete the days trek which resulted in the best mountain views of the entire trip.

One of her worst days came when she undertook the infamous Heavens Ladder made so much harder by the torrential rain. It took two days to dry out her clothes, boots and bag!
Another absolute high that Kerys mentioned was the feeling of elation and achievement on completion of the trek knowing that she had raised lots of money and awareness for Type 1 Diabetes. She also said that the kind messages of support and the new friends she made during the trip kept her smiling and more importantly walking through the highs and lows of the trip. Kerys attributes all the positive support she received with her being able to overcome adversity in the form of diabetic highs and lows throughout the trip not to  mention her fear of heights when she reached the highest point of the Great Wall at 4722 feet.

  So let’s finish on a quote from Kerys

“The support I received has been incredible and I am completely overwhelmed by the whole experience. It was without doubt the hardest thing I have done but also the best. The experience was a celebration of the strength and fighting spirit needed to live with diabetes. I have always been a firm believer living with diabetes should not hold you back in anyway or stop you from achieving your dreams and this was my opportunity to prove it. The phrase I remember most from the trip was another trekker saying “the best view comes after the hardest climb” - appropriate for 24 years of living with diabetes and the horrendous mountain climbs!!”

Kerys has so far raised a total of £5075 including gift aid but if you feel inspired by Kerys efforts and would like donate it is not too late to still do so. Just click on the following link which will take you straight through to her charity page.



Kerys Pyne - Her preparation for walking the Great Wall of China

Kerys Pyne - Trekking the Great Wall of China for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund) in October 2017

Our Aesthetic Therapist Kerys will be trekking The Great Wall of China on 6th October 2017. Kerys will be trekking for eight days and covering 70km of the Great Wall taking on the rough and rocky terrain.

Kerys is 24 years old and has been living with type 1 diabetes since she was a year old, which is very unusual, this equates to approximately 55,100 insulin injections, her dad has also been a diabetic for 48 years (the maths for this would be scary!) Although it has been tough, over the course of her lifetime and particularly his, access to various treatments and technologies has made managing and living with diabetes a little easier and she wants to help to  ensure this continues, not only for herself and her dad but for the 400,000 people in the UK living with type 1 diabetes. I’m sure one of these is your relative, friend, neighbour, or colleague. It's a terrifying thought that one person in the world dies every six seconds due to this condition.

JDRF has helped and supported Kerys a lot in difficult times and with this in mind she decided to trek the Great Wall of China. This is a mentally and physically demanding challenge for anyone, but Kerys will also have to factor in her diabetes. This will take a great deal of planning around both her injections and diet, and as well as this she will also have to constantly monitor her blood sugar levels, but the possibility of a cure is what is pushing her on throughout my training regime, and will continue to do so each and every step of my trek.

We caught up with Kerys during her busy day at work about how important this challenge is to her and why she wants to raise money for JDRF:

“This is why I ask you to donate anything you can to get me through this very challenging journey. I want to give something back to a charity that have helped me so much since I was a baby. It really will mean the world to me throughout my training and my trek, and I really hope that your sponsorship will help other people, like myself who live with type 1 diabetes, and ultimately one day find a cure for this life changing condition.”

Kerys is funding the trip herself so all money donated will go directly to her chosen charity. You can sponsor her at www.justgiving.com/kerys-pyne2

We all wish Kerys the very best of luck on her trip and we will update you with pictures and details of her trip when she returns!



Dr Hilary Allan, Jackie Daniels and Ruth Haldane - Breast Reconstruction Awareness Ball 2014

It was a night dedicated to a very worthy cause, one close to the heart for many people and as well as attending the evening Woodford Medical team member Jackie took to the stage to make a speech and thank Denise Tyler for her fantastic fundraising efforts:

"Denise and David you hold an event such as this every year and put in so many hours to not only give us this wonderful evening but also remind us all of the worthwhile charities we can support and we are privileged to be involved this year. Our final and most relevant thanks go to the charity we are all supporting this evening - Breast Reconstruction Awareness."

Jackie Daniels, Dr Hilary Allan and Ruth Haldane

The evening raised an astonishing £8,900, enabling the charity to purchase a much needed scope.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the event or donated to this worthy cause!

Breast Reconstruction Awareness charity logo



Kerry Fletcher - Round the Island Challenge 2014 for Great Ormond Street Hospital

Although the island is idyllic with spectacular beaches, the challenge itself was very tough.

Kerry showed fantastic determination and strength when she took on training for the two day challenge, where she would have to cycle approximately 90 km per day along hilly terrains and under the hot Ibiza sun!

Kerry completed the challenge with flying colours and her and her teammates managed to raise over £12,000 for the HAIRaising appeal, founded by John Frieda to build a new respiratory ward at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

We at Woodford Medical are very proud of her and would like to congratulate her on her amazing efforts!

Here are some pictures of Kerry and her team on the day...

Kerry Fletcher

Kerry Fletcher

For more information on this amazing charity event, please click here http://www.gosh.org/gen/events-and-appeals/challenge-events/bike/round-the-island-cycle-challenge/

Lindsay Gilligan - The Moonwalk for Breast Cancer Research

Lindsay Gilligan, Marketing and PR Coordinator for Woodford Medical took her charity fund raising that one step further...or shall we say 26 miles further!

On May 10th, Lindsay completed the Moonwalk Marathon around London to raise money and awareness for vital Breast Cancer causes. This entailed walking 26 miles in the dark starting around midnight!

We would like to congratulate Lindsay on her hard work and dedication, see below for an action shot of her walking the walk for charity!

If you would like to kindly donate towards Lindsay's brave charity challenge, please click here www.justgiving.com/Lindsay-Gilligan

Click here for more information on the Moonwalk Marathon http://www.walkthewalk.org/Challenges/TheMoonWalkLondon

Lindsay Gilligan



4 days ago
Dr Hilary Allan and Dr Mervyn Patterson offer their top tips “Before you Book” advice to Health and Wellbeing Magazine. This tells you what to look for in a clinic and practitioner before booking an aesthetic treatment: “Find an expert who is prepared to spend a long time discussing your options. If you feel rushed or unsure then defer treatments until you feel more confident. Take baby steps- start with the minimal and always seek the subtle outcomes that family and friends don’t notice. Look for established clinics that provides lots of different options and that are headed by a named medical team on the website. Remember that cheap doesn’t always mean quality. Paying a bit more may be worth it in the end and, above all, be safer.”

1 week ago
Did you see the lovely post in Health and Wellbeing magazine about the benefits of Micro-Needling? “A great method to improve skin texture and fade skin imperfections, this favourite of A-listers such as Kourtney Kardashian uses hundreds of little needles to create small punctures into the skin, a bit like aerating a lawn! The tiny micro-traumas allow a cocktail of nourishing anti-ageing ingredients to penetrate deep into the dermal layer, while triggering a healing response to boost collagen production. It’s a good way to fade acne scars and sun damage and give you fresher, younger looking skin. As with most of these techniques, a course of several treatments gets the best results.” “DermaFrac is a three-in-one anti-ageing and re-surfacing treatment combining microdermabrasion, growth factor skin infusions and micro-needling for plumper, smoother skin.” (At Woodford Medical we also offer Collagen Pin for those looking for a deeper level of Micro-Needling), phone us on 0845 602 1161 to speak to one of our treatment advisors for more information.

2 weeks ago
HAPPY NEW YEAR! We would like to wish our staff and clients a very happy new year and we look forward to seeing you all in 2018!

1 month ago
CHRISTMAS OPENING HOURS Saturday 23rd December: 9am -12pm Christmas Eve: Closed Christmas Day: Closed Boxing Day: Closed Wednesday 27th December: 10am - 5pm Thursday 28th December: 10am - 5pm Friday 29th December: 930am - 430pm Saturday 30th December: 9am-12pm New Years Eve: Closed New Years Day: Closed Tuesday 2nd January: Normal hours resume

1 month ago
We will be closed today from 12:30pm for our staff Christmas lunch! We will be open as normal tomorrow between 9am-2pm.