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"This has changed my life completely. I can go out anywhere, I don't have to watch what I wear and I don't have to keep my arms glued to my side anymore.

My clubbing days are back on the agenda!"

Tom, Essex

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Botox® for Sweating

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is a very common problem.

Do You…

  • Sweat a lot...at home & at work in summer and in winter?

  • Sweat if anxious or stressed?

  • Have to change your clothes frequently?

  • Perspire excessively at certain times of the day or after having alcohol, coffee, tea, hot or spicy food?

  • Feel your quality of life is being affected?

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is a common disorder which can adversely affect your quality of life. Excessive sweating of the underarms is the most common. Heat and emotions may trigger hyperhidrosis in some, but many frequently suffer from this condition regardless of their mood or the weather. Excessive sweating is embarrassing and often complicates business and social interactions and in severe cases, excess sweat can have serious practical consequences.

How We Can Help You

At Woodford Medical we recommend Botox® injections to help treat excessive sweating. The tiny pin prick injections will help block the actions of the nerves to prevent the glands from producing sweat. As Botox® injections are not permanent, new nerve endings will grow again and start to produce sweat but the treatment should last six to seven months depending on the level of your problem.

If this is a condition that you suffer from, you do not have to endure this embarassment anymore. Our doctors frequently treat clients with fantastic results, and we are confident we can make a difference and improve the quality of your life.

Important Social Occasion?

Increasingly, underarm Botox® is being used to prevent sweating at important social events such as weddings and conferences. Glossy magazines often report many celebrities taking advantage of this treatment at high profile occasions like the Oscars and the Baftas. Underarm Botox® is now available to us all and can be used as a one-off treatment to alleviate your worries and concerns at significant occasions.

Do you recognise these symptoms or have an important event to attend? Come in for a consultation to discuss what is best for you.

Where is this treatment available?

Botox® clinics in Essex, London, Cambridge, Belfast and Leamington Spa.

We appreciate it may not always be possible for you to keep your appointment. If you are unable to make yours, please note we do require at least 48 hours notice as missed appointments may incur a wasted appointment fee.


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