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Before and After

01 Port Wine Stain02 Pigmentation on Cheek03 Male Rosacea

Port Wine Stain



Pigmentation on Cheek



Male Rosacea




"What I like about Woodford is that all procedures are always carefully explained in such detail that the questions in your head are answered without the need to be asked. Once again a big thank you to Dr Patterson and all the staff at Woodford".


"Once I realised the condition I was experiencing was Rosacea I started to research different treatments and Dr Patterson and the Woodford Medical reputation stood out throughout all of my research. I came into see him for a free consultation and he discussed IPL as the best treatment for me.

I have not looked back since. My flushing has been reduced to maybe once or twice a month if that and even though I still cut back on certain foods and drink I can have anything in moderation without worrying.

I trust Dr Patterson implicitly, I feel I can talk to him freely about my condition and he keeps me aware of anything that may help keep the flushing at bay. I am now using the Epionce SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion on his recommendation which is fantastic.

I would recommend anyone to this excellent clinic!"


"Excellent results. I had IPL to help with rosacea on my nose: the effects were immediate my skin looked so much better. Have tried IPL and other treatments at various other clinics but have never been happy with the results!'

"I researched IPL Photorejuvenation as a treatment for pigmentation and came across Woodford Medical. After an initial consultation I had my course of treatments and was astounded by the results!


The difference was almost immediate! Straight away I could see a reduction in the redness and as I continued treatment it continued to reduce my flushing until it disappeared altogether. I no longer worry about drinking alcoholic drinks, or being in a hot room, and can now sit in the sun with an SPF on my skin and see no sign of any returning red veins."


"Time and time again I found Woodford Medical the favourite among the review sites and not just taking the top spot but taking it by a mile. It was then that I knew that Woodford Medical was the right choice and I immediately scheduled an appointment. Easily one of the best decisions I've made in my life."


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Click here to view our IPL Photorejuvenation client information leaflet

IPL Photorejuvenation

IPL Photorejuvenation also known as Fotofacials are recognised as the most effective treatment for the reduction of facial redness, flushing, broken veins, Rosacea, pigmentation and sun damage. A wonderful by-product of the treatment is a stimulation of collagen production in the skin resulting in a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

In our youth we are generally blessed with beautiful clear fair skin but this same delicate complexion is often prone to annoying skin blemishes such as Rosacea, pigmentation, broken capillaries and sun damage from hot, sunny holidays abroad. So what can be done to restore the natural clear beauty of your skin? The solution is IPL Photorejuvenation also known as Fotofacials.

At Woodford Medical we use the latest technology developed by a leading US Dermatologist and introduced in the UK by Dr Mervyn Patterson and Dr Hilary Allan. This system is the Palomar Starlux using the MaxG hand piece which produces the most impressive results for your skin in the industry today.


What can IPL improve for you?

·         Sun Damage

·         Pigmentation

·         Age/Sun spots

·         Facial redness

·         Rosacea

·         Broken veins

·         Skin laxity

·         Uneven texture and tone

Our Aesthetic Therapists will provide a full consultation prior to treatment so they can tailor make a treatment programme specifically for your needs. 

To assist our Therapists with the consultation we use the Visia Skin Analysis system to examine your complexion for conditions some of which are not visible to the human eye but will present themselves as major issues further down the line. The system uses multi-spectral imaging to look at sun damage, wrinkles, pore size, spots, blemishes, skin tone, clarity, and broken capillaries. It can also make a comparison between your skin and what is considered the bench mark for others of the same age and ethnicity

Once the condition of your skin has been established our Therapist can then proceed with the most appropriate treatment plan. They will usually recommend a course of Fotofacials to bring the skin clarity back to where it should be.  You will love the opportunity to restore your skin to the smooth, clear, blemish free complexion of your youth and you may want go on and have the same treatment on other neglected areas such as chest, neck and back of hands. 

So if you feel your skin lacks the glow of youth or is uneven, red and flushed, this versatile treatment could be the answer for you. Contact us today for a consultation or click here to request more information.

Where is this treatment available?

IPL Photorejuvenation treatments are available in all our clinics


We have launched a NEW treatment this spring called the Fotopeel. This versatile procedure combines Intense Pulsed Light Photorejuvenation with an Epionce Lite Refresh peel to deliver one remarkable treatment. The Fotopeel effectively treats Sun Damage, Rosacea, Redness as well as adult acne. You can expect to have a noticeable reduction in pigmentation, broken capillaries as well as a fresh and rejuvenated appearance to your complexion.

So if you think that the long harsh winter has played havoc with your skin then why not book in for this brand new treatment with one of our Aesthetic Therapists and see what a difference it can really make.

Fotopeel is available in all our clinics.

We appreciate it may not always be possible for you to keep your appointment. If you are unable to make yours, please note we do require at least 48 hours notice as missed appointments may incur a wasted appointment fee.


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