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01 Mole Removal

Mole Removal




"I recently had a mole removed from my face and I could not have been cared for more. My self esteem has risen ten fold, I now feel good about myself, thank you all".


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Minor Surgery


The vast majority of moles are benign (non cancerous) and simply embarassing, unsightly and a cosmetic nuisance for the person who suffers from them. They are also not eligible for treatment by your GP or on the NHS.


Milia are small, hard, white bumps on the skin formed when dead skin does not slough off normally but instead remains trapped in a tiny, round pocket. An individual milium forms at the base of a hair follicle or sweat gland, they can be numerous and located anywhere on the face. They occur on all skin types and people of all ages.

Skin Tags

Skin Tags are very common and occur around the face, chest, neck and abdomen. Skin tag removal is very quick and easy. It is not painful and no stitches are required.

If you wish to have an unsightly mole removed a consultation with one of our doctors can be arranged so that the treatment options can be discussed with you. Milia and skin tags can be removed by one of our highly skilled aesthetic therapists following consultation.

Where is this treatment available?

Minor Surgery is available in all our clinics.

We appreciate it may not always be possible for you to keep your appointment. If you are unable to make yours, please note we do require at least 48 hours notice as missed appointments may incur a wasted appointment fee.




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